The poker variety Texas Holdem is gaining huge popularity. She became famous for her TV production as one of the most used poker types in casinos.

The feature of Texas Holdem is that at the end of the game round, five cards are placed on the table to combine the five best-quality cards each player can use with the starting hand. Decide who is the first dealer before the competition. A card will be given to each player and the card with the highest card value will begin with a dealer. Prior to each round, delegates are to replace. The Dealer button is clockwise. The player on the left side of the dealer has a player who does not know the card and requires a small blind. The competitor sitting on the left side of the small blind must generally pay for the big blinds twice as high as the small blinds. The blind increases as the game progresses.

Game in progress
In the first round, the preflop, all players fold up two cards. From now on, players have a variety of options. You can go together. (Call) Then they have to bet on a big blind. In addition, each competitor may rise once in a round, in which case a bet corresponding to two big blinds must be made, or he may exit (fold).

Either all players paid the same money for the port, or the second round of bidding begins with the flop. Delegates to place three cards on the table and the player must select one of the above mentioned options, which may also be queued (checked).

If you put the same thing back in or hit it all, the fourth card, the turn card, will be unveiled. Once again, all players stand by and have a chance to rise. The fifth card, the River Card, can be opened on the table, or you can exit. If more than one player remains in the game so far, “Showdown” follows. Here the competitor with the highest card combination wins. If the two competitors have an equal combination, the port is distributed.

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